Meat and Color (Fleisch und Farbe)

  • Author:

    Anna Becker, Steffen Huck, Julia Schubert and Nora Szech 

  • Source:

    WZB-EOC Schriften Vol. 1, Berlin

Insights into Meat and Color


Picture 1: Participants selected from a color spectrum the colors they associate with good Christmas food

Whether it is Easter or Christmas – many people look forward to a specific meal on such festive occasions. We investigate the Christmas meal as one of the probably most important get-togethers for many people. Which colors belong to such a festive, elegant, or jolly meal? Is it the color of the Christmas roast, or do we long for the deep purple of the red wine? What about the greens, do they play important roles on the Christmas table? The following pictures from the book Meat and Color provide direct insight. In three studies, participants sent photos of their Christmas meals, other participants expressed their associations with different Christmas menus. Others chose colors that they want to see on their Christmas plate. Interesting: Many people expect they need to serve lots of meat - but they would prefer to eat a more colorful combination of different foods, in which the meat plays a less important role than often assumed.

The complete book, produced in cooperation with the WZB Berlin Social Science Center and the Universität der Künste Berlin, can be downloaded here.

Picture 2: Most festive Christmas meals
Picture 2: Most elegant Christmas meals
Picture 4: Most jolly Christmas meals