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Open Position

As support for our Chair, we are currently looking for a Research Assistant (HiWi, 30-40h/month) who helps our team in programming tasks for experimental studies (mainly using Phyton based experimental software).


Here you can find detailed information:

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Vaccinations and Testing

Marta Serra-Garcia and Nora Szech document that financial incentives can increase Corona vaccination and testing. An easy access helps, too. With these measures also educationally disadvantaged people are reached who are more likely affected by Corona.


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Corona: Helmholtz Experts

Melanie Brinkmann, Clemens Fuest, Michael Meyer-Hermann and Nora Szech, among others, are part of the Helmholtz expert board on Corona. Please find interdisciplinary answers on various questions related to Corona here. Answers will be updated regularly.

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Call: Honesty and Moral Behavior

In Frontiers in Psychology, Steffen Huck, Agne Kajackaite and Nora Szech host a special issue on Honesty and Moral Behavior in Economic Games.

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Diffusion of Moral Responsibility


The top journal The Review of Economic Studies publishes Nora Szech's study on the diffusion of morality in groups and voting as a featured paper.


Frankfurter Allgemeine FAZ (Article)

Interview with the SZ (Video)


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Increasing the Support of Corona Testing

In a representative studyMarta Serra Garcia and Nora Szech find that 4 in 5 people demand a test if it is for free. Yet demand drops sharply in price. The topic is also pressing for willingess to test among travelers.


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Covid Habits
Corona, Habits and Norms

In the following articles, Nora Szech discusses the roles of norms and habits in times of Corona, such as wearing masks.

Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ)


Spektrum der Wissenschaft


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A depression worse than 1929?


Nora Szech talks with Nobelist Paul Romer about the crisis, second waves, and how to get through them.


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Virtual Seminar on Market Design

Talks by Aislinn Bohren, Scott Kominers, Benny Moldovanu... Jointly with colleagues from the universities of Bonn, Cologne, Sorbonne-Assas and ZEW, Nora Szech organizes the Virtual Market-Desgin Seminar. If you want to participate, please register here.

Markets, Moral, and Corona

Nora Szech talks with Angela De Giacomo about the impact of the Corona crisis.

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Test the World

We need an early warning system such that we can live safely and the economies can open up again. The initiative was founded by Dan Ariely, Ernst Fehr, Oliver Hart, Ulrike Malmendier, Nora Szech and others.

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Mice-or-Money-ExperimentPeter von Tresckow
Money or Life?

Make profit or kill a mouse, or better do without the money and save the mouse? Individually, the majority decides in favor of the mouse’s life. But it is completely different in group decisions, where moral responsibility is shared and diffused. Nora Szech’s behavioral study is published in the top journal Review of Economic Studies.

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Is "a little good" good enough?

In their study published in PLOS ONE, Jannis Engel and Nora Szech explore cheap excuses when shopping for fast fashion.

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n-tv Podcast

On n-tv, Nora Szech gives an interview on moral ignorance.




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Mice or Money?

No matter if we talk about ethical consumption or the boards of companies: Responsibility is easily diluted. In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Nora Szech reports about her latest research findings.

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Workshop on Market Design

This workshop is a joint endeavor by the KIT, the Université Sorbonne-Assas (Paris II) and the ZEW. It brings together researchers on market design both from theory and from the experimental-empirical side as well as decision-makers from the industries. One of the organizers is Nora Szech. The last event was in October 2019 with Uri Gneezy (UCSD) as keynote speaker.


The next workshop is planned in June 2022. Keynote speaker is Dirk Bergemannn (Yale University).

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Nora Szech KIT
Top Talents (Capital)

With these photos, the magazine Capital presents the elite under 40,  featuring representatives of industry and science. One of them is Nora Szech.

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Szech Interview
Three Questions with Nora Szech

The HCEO network at the University of Chicago connects cross-disciplinary experts to advance innovative thinking and approaches to fight inequality. In its format "3 Questions," it presents network member Nora Szech To the Interview.

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Teaching Prize

Thank you so much, dear students! We are very happy about the teaching prize!

Jannis Engel and Nora Szech

Szech Podcast
Süddeutsche Zeitung: Gut to Head

In this podcast of the Süddeutsche Zeitung Gerd Gigerenzer, Malcolm Gladwell, Julia Rothhaas, and Nora Szech talk about the relationship of economy and gut feeling. Susanne Klingner is doing the interviews.

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HeiKaMaX Workshop

Periodically, the HeiKaMaX Workshop on Behavioral and Experimental Economics takes place, jointly organized with the universities of Heidelberg and Mannheim. If you want to participate and do not yet receive an invitation, please contact Petra Nieken, Philipp Reiss, Clemens Puppe or Nora Szech.


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HeiKaMaxY Young Researchers

The HeiKaMaxY Young Researchers Workshop is a periodic workshop on Behavioral Economics and Experiments for young researchers, jointly organized with the universities of Heidelberg and Mannheim. Julia Schreier or David Huber will be pleased to give you more information.

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Brown Bag Seminar
Brown Bag Seminar

On Wednesdays at 11:30 am our Brown Bag Seminar takes place. Everybody is very welcome to participate!

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Research Seminar

On Thursdays at 11:45 am our research Seminar Workshop on Economics and Finance takes place. Everybody is welcome to join in!

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Digital Citizen Science
Digital Citizen Science

The lecture series "Digital Citizen Science" investigates how citizens can actively participate in science.
All are very welcome!

Digital Citizen Science Speaker Series